Avenue A

Transportation Engineering

Project Description

  •  Location:Avenue A from Cardinal Drive to Washington Ave. in Beaumont
  •  Estimated Construction Cost: $8 M

We obtained survey data and completed the PS & E to reconstruct and widen Avenue A from Washington Avenue to US 69 in Beaumont.  The proposed facility will provide 3-lanes including a continuous left turn lane.  We determined drainage areas and discharges for 5 and 100-year frequencies.  This included determining the ditch profiles, geometrics,  all driveway sizes and cross culverts.  To mitigate added flow because of proposed improvements, we proposed lining the outfall channel shared with UPRR.   Coordinated proposed improvements with railroad.  We estimate we saved the City approximately $1.5 M by using the ditch shared with UPRR and eliminating the need for ROW and storm sewer for the south half of the project.  We designed all storm sewer for north half of project for 5-year frequency.  This project includes design surveying, replacing water and sanitary sewer lines, proposed curb and gutter section with storm sewer, completing ROW plans, utility coordination for adjustments, and re-planking the at-grade UP railroad crossing.  We also completed all contract documents for letting.

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