US 180

Transportation Engineering

Project Description

  •  Location: In the city of Albany over North Prong of Hubbard Creek
  •  Estimated Construction Cost: $1.6 M

This project consisted of developing the PS & E to replace 155’ long, twin structures for 4-lane, urban arterial in Albany over North Prong of Hubbard Creek.  This bridge was a proposed 180’ long, 73’ wide (overall), and 3-span structure.  We designed the proposed phase construction.  The bridge section included a 4’ median and 6’ sidewalks.  We used 20” box beams for lanes and 28” box beams on outsides for sidewalk.  These plans proposed decorative illumination on  C411 rail.  These plans included utility coordination and environmental documentation. The work included determining drainage area and runoff.  We hydraulically analyzed proposed structure using Hec-Ras, as well as,completed scour analysis and hydraulic report

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