IH 20

Transportation Engineering

Project Description

  •  Location:  IH 20 in Taylor County from FM 707 to US 83
  •  Estimated Construction Cost: $22.8 M

Chica & Associates, Inc. completed a schematic and the PS & E to convert the existing 2-way, rural frontage roads to a one-way operation and re-configuring ramps between two major interchanges.  The work included determining the existing and proposed vertical and horizontal alignments of the existing and proposed frontage roads and ramps between two major interchanges.  All ramps were designed using 4R design criteria, 50 mph design speed.  The frontage roads were designed using 3R design criteria and 30 mph design speed.  Sections of frontage roads that did not vertically meet 30 mph design speed were reconstructed and upgraded to meet 50 mph design speed.  This project included re-configuring 12 exit and entrance ramps.  This project included the following work:

Route Study/Schematic Design
Level of Service (LOS) Analysis
Accident Analysis
FHWA Coordination – Revised Ramp Access
Meeting with Affected Property Owners (MAPOS)
Multiple Public Meetings
Environmental Documentation (NEPA Requirements)
Public Hearing
Utility Coordination
PS & E
Shop Drawing Reviews
Change Order Preparation

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